Lyophilized Hirudin Power

Natural Hirudin Lyophilized Powder

Natural hirudin is a polypeptide composed of 65 amino acids with a molecular weight of 7000 Daltons, and it has been the most powerful anticoagulant substance discovered in the world up to now. It combines with the thrombin, and forms a very steady uncovalent compound substance, of which separated constant is 10-12. In comparison with raloxifene, the side effect of bleeding caused by hirudin is less. The function in anticoagulant and thrombolysis does not need the cooperation of AT-III, without consuming AT-III. The result of the emergent toxicity experiment shows: LD50>250mg/Kg.

Natural hirudin lyophilized powder is mainly composed of hirudinaria menillensis, refined by our company’s patent separated, purified, frozen and dried technology (patent certificate number: ZL03113566.8), and is the most important bioactive substance in leeches’ body. The product is white and light yellow monotony powder. It has many superior advantages of strong activity, little dosage, high curative effect, convenient storing and carrying, and capability of being under normal temperature.
It is the first enterprise who put natural hirudin into cosmetics in the world, and obtained several national patents for invention, patent number is ZL03140487.1.

Natural hirudin owns four unique virtues:
1. Penetrating to the deep-rooted skin directly and actively: The scientific research shows that the cells of human body commonly only absorb the substance that its molecular weight is d8000 daltons. The molecular weights of the natural substance such as hyaluronic acid, SOD and collagen in the cosmetics sold on current market are more than ten thousand and even several hundred thousand, so it is hard for the skin to absorb effectively. Fortunately, the molecular weight of natural hirudin is 7000 daltons, which can penetrate to the deep-rooted skin and be promptly absorbed and utilized by the skin cells.

2. Improve the microcirculation of the blood: Natural hirudin has the unique function in penetrating to the Capillary vessel after the skin absorbs, improving the microcirculation, enhancing the self-repair of cells, curing acnes, pigment aggradation and dent repairment. Resolve all kinds of skin problems radically in the hope of replenishing nutrition to the blood.

3. Nourishing the skin: Natural hirudin is composed of amino acid but is different from the intermediate of protein. It is possessed of the specialties of protein, but easier, less molecular weight and easier to be absorbed by organisms than protein; Because of its high bioactivity, it can play its unique functions under minim condition.

4. Helping penetrate: It can help other nutriments penetrate to the skin in order that they display their cosmetic functions. Obviously, natural hirudin is the omnipotent cosmetic additive.

5. Diminishing inflammation.

Usage: Suitable for various cosmetics including skin and hair makeup.

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